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Anal Toys 101

Anal Toys are one of the least talked about groups of toys and because of this there are many misconceptions and ignorance surrounding them. Luckily, the toys are pretty consistent and getting a comprehensive understanding of what makes an anal toy different from other toys isn’t too hard.

Obviously, anal toys are meant for use in the anus and they are designed to be safe and effective for that use. Special considerations need to be made when doing anal play and safety should always be in the forefront of your mind. Unlike the vagina, there anus is a long tube with no defined end so the risk of getting something lost up there is very real and unfortunately not uncommon. Because of this the majority of toys have a wide base or a handle to prevent accidental loss. The other safety issue that needs to be addressed is hygiene. There are millions of bacteria that live in the colon and these are transferred to any toy that enters the anus. Make sure to carefully clean any toy after use with an antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Also, if you use a toy anally, do not place it in a vagina without first cleaning it. That can cause infections and is unsafe for the woman.

OK, now that we got the safety discussion out of the way, let’s discuss some of the types of toys. There are four main types of anal play that people like. Some people really just love that full feeling when something is in their anus. Other people like the sensation of smooth entry and exit or prostate stimulation for men and others really like the contracting and releasing of the anal sphincter muscle.

Butt plugs are the toy of choice for people who want to have something in their butt and to leave it there. They are designed with a slow tapered head for easy entry, a thicker bulb to fill you up and a ‘collar’ at the base for that muscle to relax back around. Like the majority of other anal toys it also has a wide base to prevent it from being sucked into the body during a strong orgasm or movement. Butt plugs are nearly always used in conjunction with another type of stimulation or are even just worn for extended periods of time, continually increasing arousal. They come in all sized and with some variation in style as well.

For people who like a toy for moving in and out, a dildo is a good option. Like butt plugs they have large bases as well, often making them very well suited for strap on use, and come in a range of diameters. For anal play it is a good idea to start with a more slender toy and work your way up in size until you find the perfect fit.

Prostates are the male version of the G spot. It is located in a similar location as it would be in a woman. Usually, the easiest way to find it is to have your partner lay on his back and gently insert a lubed finger (palm side up) and feel along the front or top wall of the anus for the spongy, marble like texture that is the prostate. Stimulation of the prostate can give a very powerful orgasm that has converted a number of men to the joys of anal play. Many toys are made specifically to make reaching and stimulating this area easier. Not surprising, these toys can often also be used for G spot stimulation.

Anal beads work very well for people who enjoy the stretching and contracting of their anal muscles. These toys have evolved in the last number of years from beads on a string which wasn’t very sanitary or safe to an enclosed or solid string of beads. They usually start with a small bead and slowly work their way to larger diameters, the previous bead preparing the muscles for the next level of intensity. Many people also find that pulling out the beads at the time of an orgasm greatly enhances their pleasure.

For anal play lubrication is a must. Since the anus doesn’t produce lubrication like a vagina does, make sure to provide lots of good quality lubricant. It is also important to go slow when stretching the anal muscles so you don’t risk tears or discomfort.

Anal play can be a lot of fun and offers different sensations then can’t be produced any other way. The most important things when playing with anal toys are taking it slow, relaxing, using lots of lube and good communication if you are with a partner. Many people find that once they start experimenting with anal toys that it stays with them and evolves into something amazing.