5 Things To Know About Male Masturbation

1. The Way You Masturbate Is Normal – It’s common for men to wonder about the way they masturbate. It may be different from how masturbation is portrayed in popular media or porn, or even from what they’ve gleaned from friends. The good news is pretty much all masturbation is normal. Human beings display such great variation that it’s hard to pin down just what ‘normal’ is when it comes to jerking off. Men masturbate in all different positions. They may use their hands, household objects, or sex toys. As long as it does no harm, you’re good to go.

2. …But It Isn’t Always Safe – If masturbation DOES do you harm, then there’s a problem. Masturbating too frequently or too roughly may chafe the skin, has anyone who discovered masturbation during puberty can likely tell you. If you’re feeling sore, give yourself a break. Additionally, some positions may cause harm. Men who masturbate face-down may cause damage to their urethra. If you have concerns that what you’re doing may be harming you, see your doctor or urologist.

3. It May Or May Not Affect Prostate Cancer – Medical understanding of prostate cancer and its relation to ejaculation is hazy and ever-changing. It used to be that masturbation reduced your risk of prostate cancer. More recent studies show no effect, or show that masturbation during certain life stages may increase risk. Or it may not. It’s also possible that prostate cancer may not be related to ejaculation at all, and is instead tied to hormone levels. Hormone levels that may be responsible for how frequently you masturbate. Keep abreast of new discoveries and discuss your cancer risk with your doctor if you’re concerned.

4. Sexual Dysfunction Can Stem From Masturbation – If you’re having trouble reaching orgasm with a partner, the way you masturbate might be to blame. Over time your body gets used to the way you masturbate. This adaptation can make it difficult for you to achieve orgasm in other ways, like during sex. Try adjusting the way you masturbate so that it’s more in line with the sex you have. The more similar you can make the sensations, the easier it will be to achieve orgasm with a partner.

5. Masturbation Can Help Or Hurt Relationships – Contrary to what some believe, a man can have a happy relationship and still masturbate frequently. Masturbation may just be your way of letting off steam, getting to sleep after a rough day, or dealing with the fact your libido differs from that of your partner. These can all be important in maintaining a healthy relationship. Masturbation can become a problem if it bothers your partner, or if it keeps you from being with them. If you’re masturbating so frequently that it lessens your desire to be with them, or if you choose to masturbate rather than have sex with them, something may be up. Try to figure out why, and enlist the help of your doctor, therapist, or partner if you feel you need to.

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