Great Spots To Mount Your New Sling

A sling can be a very versatile and sexy piece of equipment. Freeing yourself from flat surfaces really opens up new worlds of exploration. Now that you have your sling and you’re eager to give it a go, where do you hang it?

The Bedroom – There’s nothing wrong with the old standby. This is especially true if you share your house with kids or nosy roommates. Hanging your sling in the bedroom gives you privacy and seclusion. When you don’t have to worry about other people barging in your on fun, you’ll enjoy yourself much more.

Tips: Check for proper clearance around the area you plan to hang the sling. The average bedroom is full of potential hazards. Watch for nightstands, bed posts, lamps, and slippery rugs underfoot.

The Great Outdoors – The front yard of your suburban home may not be the best place, but there are other options. A back yard with a high fence might be all you need. Look for a study tree branch well away from the trunk, or hang the sling from your porch like you would a hammock.

Tips: Be sure to check the structural soundness before climbing into the sling. Make sure whatever you hang it from can support your weight and a little movement before you get too wild. Wood can rot on the inside while looking healthy on the exterior.

Walk-In Closet – Want the ultimate in privacy? Wish you had a dungeon but don’t have the space? Get rid of some of those old clothes, mount your sling, and voila! Instant dungeon. This gives you an extra layer of privacy and also allows you to do some extra decorating you might not want to do anywhere else in the house. You can get very creative in this little space and really let your kinky side take over!

Tips: Mind the walls! Clear out as much space as you can and eliminate clutter. Not only will your feel more organized, but your occasional romps in the closet will be much safer.

The Living Room – Do you keep mostly adult company? Do you throw kinky parties? Do you enjoy a bit of exhibitionism? Why not hang your sling front and center for all to see and enjoy? Your living room is probably one of the most spacious areas in the house, which leaves a lot of room to maneuver safely. Of course it may block the TV, but you can take it down when it’s not in use.

Tips: This won’t work if you have high ceilings in your living room. Be careful during the mounting process, since you may need a taller ladder. Also remember to have a good explanation for the hook in the ceiling for when your in-laws come to visit. Consider hanging a decorative plant.

In General… – Where you hang your sling is entirely up to you. Almost any place is fair game if you’re creative. Always remember to test the soundness of your chosen spot before climbing in, and always make sure your sling is in good shape before use. Watch out for common hazards like furniture, walls, or slippery footing. Consider putting down some carpeting or a mat beneath the swing. Look for something that provides additional cushioning and is easy to clean.

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  3. Sam says:

    Something I’d wanted to try for a while, but the thought of mounting it in an area that people could actually walk into if they visit the house scared me. The walk in closet is a great idea. Thanks.

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