Taking Your Ben Wa Balls Out In Public

I don’t know what’s sexier than a dirty little secret. Whether it’s a quickie at a party or wearing a sexy thong to work, knowing you’re doing something naughty is thrilling. To my mind, it’s some of the best foreplay available. So after my partner and I made some sexy promises over breakfast I was aching for a way to tide myself over until after dinner. I looked at my new set of Ben Wa balls and inspiration hit me: why not keep one with me all day?

Wearing Ben Wa balls takes a little getting used to. There’s nothing like feeling that weight inside you, shifting as you shift. I wouldn’t recommend wearing one to work on the first day you have them, but if you’re comfortable using them there’s no reason you can’t slide one in and run some errands. So, that’s just what I did.

Driving with the ball in place wasn’t an issue. As long as I was still it didn’t move much, and I didn’t find it distracting. Walking around the aisles of the grocery store was a different matter. I could feel the ball shifting and pressing inside me with each step. I shifted side to side, feeling it rub my walls while I debated between fat-free and 2% milk. I’m sure my skin was flushed by the time I made it to the checkout counter–at least that’s what I gathered from the stares of the young man bagging my groceries.

From there I had some business to tend to down at the DMV. Ladies, let me tell you something: if you ever need to make standing in line for hours fun, bring a Ben Wa ball with you. I had so much time to shift back and forth on my feet, in my chair, and let my mind wander to all the naughty things I was going to do later on. I was almost disappointed to leave.

I will confess I took a break at the gym. Even though I’d worn a pretty secure pair of panties, I was dubious about my ability to keep the Ben Wa ball in place while jogging and lifting. But after a quick wash in the shower and an extra moment in the stall, my Ben Wa ball and I were reunited.

Even sitting and writing into the evening became thrilling. If things got a little boring, all I had to do was scoot in my seat, contract my muscles, or get up to grab a drink of water.

The minute my partner walked through the door, I couldn’t take it anymore. We ended up horizontal on the kitchen table in less than two minutes. We ordered pizza later on.

If you want to get out of cooking dinner, take my advice: keep a Ben Wa ball with you.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Wow. This sounds super sexy. I never thought to take any of my toys public like this. Sounds like it could cause some embarrassment though. Not sure I’m that brave.


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  2. Gregory Smith - I love your blog I have read this article and enjoyed it

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