Tips To Improve Your Masturbation Technique

A shocking number of women don’t know how to turn themselves on or get themselves off. Masturbation may be considered taboo, and many women can be reluctant to talk about it. But learning about your body and how to please it is one of the easiest and best things you can do to improve your love life. Where can you start?

Right Place, Right Time – Nothing kills the mood quicker than nosy kid, curious cats, and neighbors waving through the window as they walk by. For a stress-free masturbation experience, give some thought to the where and when of the situation.

The bedroom is a good place to start, but almost anywhere can work, with a few caveats. If you share your house with anyone, especially children, you’ll be safer picking a room with a locking door. Make sure it’s locked. Get up and double-check if you need to! It won’t keep someone from pounding on the door and ruining your session, but it will spare you some embarrassment.

It’s also important to relax and make sure you’re in the mood. Having sex out of obligation isn’t any fun, and it’s the same for masturbation. There are plenty of good reasons to masturbate, but there’s no good reason to do it if you aren’t in the mood. Don’t force the process, just let it happen naturally.

Check Out Your Clit – Every woman should know where her clitoris is, because it is often the gatekeeper of pleasure. Many women cannot orgasm through penetration alone, and require some kind of clitoral stimulation to get off. Your duty? Learn where yours is and how it likes being touched. You’ll notice when you’re turned on that it feels harder and maybe even larger, which is perfectly normal. To use some very simplistic biology, your clit is similar to a penis. It gets hard when you’re aroused and it loves to be touched. If touching it directly is uncomfortable, try stimulating the area immediately around it.

Find Your G-Spot, Too – The g-spot is a thing of legend. Current scientific data suggests it does exist, but perhaps not in all women. If you’re interested in finding yours, get comfortable and insert a finger into your vagina. You are going to be feeling your way along the front wall. Around an inch inside, you may find a patch of skin with a different texture, and if you’re aroused it may even feel slightly swollen. This is your g-spot. Experiences vary, but some women are able to achieve amazing orgasms by playing with their g-spot. Some even ejaculate!

Explore Your Options – Some women are content with their fingers and imaginations, but there’s no harm in mixing things up from time to time. There are a wide variety of sex toys available to please any palate. From tiny discrete vibrators to massive dildos that would make anyone blush, these items are as close as your nearest adult toy store or favorite online shop.

If your fantasy world isn’t cutting it anymore, don’t worry. There’s also a wide world of porn available to you. Some women can and do enjoy porn videos, but many prefer written erotica or romance stories. Whatever you prefer, don’t be ashamed. Just sit back and enjoy!

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