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Sex Toys For Men 101

In the world of sexual toys and bedroom enhancements, men have long been an underrepresented species. That has all changed over the past decade, as a number of companies have designed and manufactured a bevy of quality products that substantially enhance a man’s confidence, gratification and ability to please. Historically, men have generally been apprehensive toward shopping for sex toys in public. The internet has solved that problem completely, as you can now shop for male toys at your leisure and in the low-pressure environment of your own home. We offer dozens of high-quality products that will instantly enhance your sex life.

The most common bedroom insufficiency for men is ejaculating before they have planned on doing so. This is especially common when males ease their erect penises inside of a tight and wet vagina for the first time in a few months, as the internal penile muscles exercised during masturbation are actually different than the muscles exercised during intercourse. As a result, male ejaculation usually happens within a few minutes or seconds. Thankfully, Dr. Honn’s Erection Ring has come to the rescue of guys who typically spill their alfredo sauce before the main course. The easy-to-handle male enhancement tool slides comfortably down to the base of the shaft, where the beads are then adjusted to make Dr. Honn’s Erection Ring fit snugly. The affordable device will strengthen your erection, give you more staying power and increase the intensity of your orgasms. If you are self-conscious about a woman’s possible impression toward you using a device, the ring can be slipped on and off discreetly under the cover of darkness.

For guys who may not be swinging the longest bats when they step up to the plate, products such as the Classix Penis Extension are the perfect sexual supplement. This product works in cohesion with your own penis to provide the woman with a sensation of being penetrated by a penis that is actually two or three inches longer than what is currently hanging off of you. The device is essentially a thin yet highly-durable condom with a two inch long penis and head attached to the end. The end is fitted with a innovative design that ensures maximum pleasure for the female. While this device might be tougher to get on and off discretely, it will certainly provide you with the length of a porn star and a handful of screams of pleasure that you haven’t heard before.

The One Touch Enhancer is one device in a wide range of similar products that have been made available in recent years. It is designed to fit around the penis at the base of the shaft and provide intense stimulation to a woman’s clitoris while you are engaged in intercourse. We currently offer a few different shapes that titillate the clitoris, the most popular of which is a little blue dolphin. The product is made from hygienically superior silicone and is found to be very comfortable when rubbing up against a female’s sensitive areas. The toy is designed to quicken and increase a woman’s orgasm, which often triggers a male orgasm, especially given the benefits of the sensational lubrication that is secreted by a female during orgasm. The dolphin theme seems to work nicely for a woman’s psyche, as it conjures up the idea of splashing around in a care-free paradise.

While engaging in sex with a woman you are attracted to is often pure bliss, masturbating to pictures, videos or even mental images of women you are attracted to can be a lot less complicated and expensive. While masturbation has long been chastised as the Devil’s play, it actually has been proven to stimulate the immune system and help to fend off depression. Masturbation often plays a role in a healthy sex life and as long as it doesn’t come to a point where it entirely replaces the need and desire to be with a woman, nothing unhealthy is occurring. Lucky for you, we feature a wide variety of top-notch products that are designed to greatly enhance the solo experience.

Penis pumps have been around for nearly a decade, but they weren’t perfected and made affordable until recent years. These days, an effective and comfortable pump can be purchased for a surprisingly low price. Our Penis Developer will get you to your maximum possible length and girth for less than a picture of Andrew Jackson. The science behind a penis pump is simple and effective, utilizing the introduction of oxygen into a controlled space thus causing the elements inside to swell. Once penis enhancement has occurred, you then simply remove your finger from the carburetor valve and the air pressure slowly releases, leaving you with a crotch rocket that NASA would be proud of.

Other incredibly popular solo devices include vaginal simulators, which have come a very long way since the crudely designed and highly-uncomfortable designs of the 1990s. Product engineers and manufacturers and have finally gotten the reproduction of a female vagina down to a science, and the results are highly addictive. The Mayhem Masturbator intricately recreates the dimensions and feel of a porn star’s vagina, coaxing ball-draining orgasms out of penises of all shapes and sizes. The Deep Throat Stroker provides the deep-throat abilities of a blowjob queen with the feel of the inside of an 18-year-olds cheek. Both are highly affordable and enjoyable.

It seems to be an indisputable fact that couples who implement sex toys and creativity into their lives have far more healthy and beneficial sexual experiences that those who do not. As a result of outdated religious philosophies and misplaced guilt, people are often apprehensive to explore the enticing realms of sexual entertainment and pleasure that exist just beyond the boundaries of what society has taught them is acceptable. While millions still bury their heads in shallow and ancient methods of thinking, the bold and adventurous are rewarded for their risks and open-mindedness with, amongst many other things, incredible sex lives.