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Vibrators 101

Vibrators have become the ‘go to’ sex toy for the majority of women and it is not hard to see why. It is effective, versatile and the options are nearly endless. Whether you want a toy to speed things up on your own, experience an orgasm for the first time or sharing new experiences with a partner, a vibrator is the most important toy in your sexy toy kit. Choosing a vibrator can be a little overwhelming as there are so many choices available out there but going in with an understanding of what you are looking at makes all the difference. Let’s go through some of the different options available in the modern vibe.

One of the most basic options to consider is if you want your vibe to be battery powered or if you want to plug it into the wall. Plug in vibrators tend to be more consistent with their vibrations and will often provide stronger vibrations. There is also the added convenience of not needing to replace any batteries. The majority of vibes, however, are battery powered. Battery powered vibrators are ideal for portability and the ability to be waterproof. Batteries also provide the opportunities for vibrators to be smaller and in a variety of shapes.

The second basic difference is the material that the vibrator is made of. There are basically two options, hard or soft vibes. Hard vibrators are usually made from hard plastics, glass or metal. These tend to give off stronger vibrations than their softer counterparts because there isn’t any soft material to absorb some of the vibrations. The glass or metal vibrators are great for playing with the temperature of your vibe as they are easy to cool down or heat up. The softer vibrators come in silicone or jelly rubber and have more of a ‘realistic’ feel to them. They are often preferred for starting out because they are more lifelike.

All vibrators vibrate, but each one focuses the vibrations in a little different way. Most vibrators work by throwing a magnet off center around an axis causing the vibrations. The speed of the vibration is determined by how fast that axis spins. In addition to this traditional method, there are new vibrators that thrust, or some that rotate or pulse on their own as well. Personal preference usually dictates which of these forms of stimulation arouses you the most.

The control mechanism of the vibrator is also quite important to pay attention to. Some vibrators just have one speed while others have a variable speed or 7 speed settings. Know what kind of settings each has and how easy they are to control. A three setting vibe might have a fast, a slow and a pulse setting or it may have two pulse settings and a single speed. Some have a single button which means you need to cycle through a number of settings to find the right one and others have separate buttons for each setting. Vibrators also can come with a wired or wireless remote so you can control the settings from a distance. A number of adult toy stores will let you open a vibrator’s package and let you feel the controls and vibrations so you can familiarize yourself with the controls.

It is also very important to have an idea of how you want to use your vibe. Do you want to just use it for clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, anal stimulation or with a strap on? Depending on how you want to use your vibe, you may want to focus your search to the models designed for your particular pleasure.

Many people seek a vibrator designed specifically for clitoral stimulation and thankfully there are many options available. There are panties with built in bullets or short curved vibrators that form to your body. These vibrators focus on the outside of the vagina only and usually provide variable vibrations to help a woman achieve an orgasm.

The bulk of vibrators are designed in a more traditional phallic shape. These are great for penetration and a large number of them are designed for extra stimulation at the G spot. These are probably the most versatile vibes because they can be used for vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation and potentially even anal activities. This is a great style for a first vibrator because it is simple, can be used for a number of different things and there is a large selection.

There are also vibrators specifically for anal stimulation. Most of these come in bullet form or a vibrating but plug. The shapes and sizes of these vary quite a bit and is all about preference.

A large number of vibrators offer a combination of these types of stimulation. One of the most well known styles is the ‘rabbit’. These vibrators offer simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation which makes them a favorite for many women. There are also double penetration vibrators for those who like both vaginal and anal penetration and even some that offer all three.

With so many options it is easy to get a little lost in the sea of vibrators. There are so many things to try but it helps to remember that although the vibe with the 15 attachments and 20 settings is really cool and great to experiment with, chances are that you will find one or two settings that work well for you and stick with those. Most people, when they find a vibe that works they stick with it and it is very understandable. Starting simple and with a versatile vibrator will get you a really long ways in discovering what works best for you.

Vibrators don’t have to be scary. Vibes are, and have been, one of the best tools available to assist with orgasms and to heighten your sensation. Arm yourself with some knowledge of what is available and what you are looking for in a toy and you should have no trouble choosing the perfect vibrator!